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Acrylic on Everything, Digital Art, Ceramics, and Collaborations


Coloring Book 

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Coloring Book 


Nurturing your Creativity & Mental Health 



I like change, creativity, learning and sharing. Transforming an idea into something visually appealing. Connecting people and creating something together. I like to think in possibilities and dive into different fields. 

I found something, where I can just do that. My interest in diversity and creativity, lead me to experience many great projects so far. 

From visualizing topics around Mental Health, to creating Art Merchandise & Teaching Art in Bars and Restaurants and giving Intuitive Painting Classes. As well as Designing Websites & Marketing Material for example the Blockchain/NFT Space.




The Ugly Cute Collection 

Recently, I've been having a blast making ceramic vases that let me unleash my creativity by forming weird faces intuitively while playing around with bold colors.

Stay tuned for the full collection



Born in Switzerland, Sara Dürst, is currently traveling, painting and working in social/creative projects in Spain and Portugal.

Creativity was something she always loved, but working in this field never seemed reachable. Especially, after choosing a rather conventional path - studying economics and working in corporate jobs. However, the discontent situation "forced" her, to question and redirect her path.

Her work is inspired by various encounters, from patterns in buildings to shapes of flowers to an interesting conversation or thoughts. Her paintings blur the lines between fantasy and reality, while celebrating the connection between humankind, humanmind and nature. Her painting approach is a mix between intention and intuition. She focuses on creating mostly figurative, positive and colorful work, with some pop-art and surrealism influence. She mostly paints digitally or with acrylic.

She has also stepped into the realm of education, giving art classes in Switzerland. She strongly believes that anyone can find creativity inside themselves and finds great joy in encouraging and empowering others. 

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Creativity Events 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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